A New range of high quality Brass Gauge 1 10mm scale kits
for the traditional Steam, Diesel and Modern Image modeller

Network Rail JNA Falcon
Bogie Ballast Wagon

Perfect to run behind your Class 66

See section 5  of LNER Vans and Modern Image wagons for full details



and Containers

Wagon constructed from Laser cut  Aluminium channel chassis - my own resin castings - sprung buffers -- couplings (  chain link )
-- specially manufactured scale wheels 

Ready to Run only at the moment -
£152 Wagon - Finshed in  Fastline Grey or Freightliner Green. Gbrf Blue
20' resin Container £28 unpainted £38 fully finished. Standard or Reefer container

11 options of container livery.


Available in 2, 3 and 4 car options
( 2 car will be available initially )

This will have aluminum shells with brass ends.
Russian Marine Ply floor, fully detailed interior and underframe, cast bogies running with standard wheels. It will be Radio Controlled.
Possible extras may include interior lighting and possibly a sound card of the actual Class 104. Available Ready to Run and possibly kit form.

Liveries will include BR DMU Green with either Plain ends or with small yellow warning panel
BR plain Blue and BR Blue with Yellow warninng panels or full yellow ends. BR Blue Grey with yellow warning panels or full yellow ends. These also appeared in Network Southeast and the Scottish Mexican Bean liveries if your brave.

I currently have the shells ready and working on the other componets as time permits.


THE A C RAILBUS available now photos are at the bottom of the page


LATEST NEWS December 2017

In preparation for 2018
Class 20/3
Diesel Locomotive
This is the modern version of this locomotive with retangular side windows, plain ends with Wipac light clusters and optional footplate mounted Long range fuel tanks
Current users are GBRF, DRS and HNRail . . .yes you can have an Orange one
and the Retro Triple Grey livery DRS version.
This will be a straightford easy kit to assemble in cast resin -with etched details - detailed cab and operating lights. Options for operating roof fan and smoke unit.
Fully detailed cab with driver figure.
Will be offered as --
Casting and etch pack kit
As complete kit  
(with Wheels Motor and Radio Control )
for you to assemble
And as a Fully finished ready to Run Model.



This will be the first brand new etched detailed locomotive that has come to the market in sometime. 
Fully detailed etched brass kit that will have a sectioned resin roof - to save the hassel of trying to roll a 600mm long brass roof section.
Offered in Kit and Ready to Run Radio Controlled forms

See photo of type below

Plenty of livery options !
Just a selection below

About Steve Golding Models
I am probably better known for building full time proffesionally in O gauge. I started after being a Project Engineer in the Petro-Chemical indusrty for 35 years - working and designing Refineries all over the world. I sadly had to withdraw from this career following Throat Cancer - not caused by my working envioronment but because of insurance reasons can you believe.
While recovering I built a number of O gauge locomotives for myself and these were noticed for their quality and detail when I placed them for sale. This led me to being asked by a number of manufacturers to build for their display models, i also built for The Home of O Gauge and private individuals for their collections and becoming a full time professional. I had my own trade  stand at many O Gauge Guild shows.
I gained considerable experience building most of the varied kits from the then array of manufactuers -- some excellent kits and others - well - lets say they were better left in the box. I decided to design and produce a kit for the Tyneside Electric stock - which was well recieved.
However it was at this time that I had decided to continue with a career in commercial flying. I did this for sometime before becoming disillusioned and elected to fly Twin engined props instead of 737's -- so much more fun.
Well i have retired from all that now and the calling for quality modelling has returned. This time however I believe that Gauge 1 10mm scale is more appealing to me but this time I've decided to intorduce my own kit range - although i am offering my kits as Ready To Run if this is your preference - built by myself - but I am not accepting commissions to build other manufacturers models.
I design all of my kits myself - following extensive research of the prototype and in a fashion that i would have liked when building professionally. I give my detailed drawings to an excellent and highly experienced professional draughtsman to copy into CAD and these are passed to the Etchers to provide crisp, accurate and detailed etchings.  I also make the masters for all of the castings myself and although I cast my own Resin castings those that are in White Metal are cast by others for me. All of my kits come boxed with detailed build instructions.
I like to open the box and find all there to be able to build the kit. As such all of my wagon kits will include all that is required - including Slaters finescale wheels, Sprung Buffers, Compensation Unit and couplings --and in the case of my Mineral Wagon kits I even include a bag of Coal.  The exception is of course paint and construction consumables. Unfortunately Transfers are NOT included at this stage as I am still trying to find a suitable supplier - this is a big dissapointment to me and i am looking into producing my own transfers in time. However, there are a number suppliers avaliable and the preference is left to you - I list some of these suppliers in the kit instructions.
I hope you enjoy my kits and my range will expand as time goes on. These are fairly straightforward to build -  even for a beginner - the instructions are backed up by photographs to assist - but you will need a reasonable selection of tools and I suggest soldering to construct and there are some excellent Super-glues and Expoxy's for attaching detailed parts.
I am planning to attend a number of Gauge 1 Guild shows with a trade stand soon - so I hope to meet you face to face = but more of a nightmare for you I fear.
Steve Golding