BR  Mineral Wagons
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21 ton Mineral Wagon

These wagons were introduced in the 1950's to a fully welded design - replacing earlier examples that were riveted.
Initially intended for Private Owner use and although some were used in this manner they were generally found to be too large and were put to use in huge numbers on fixed rakes supplying coal to Power Stations. The NCB also operated these internally at various coal fields.
Following the Miners strike many of these wagons were redundant and were then used for carrying scrap and ran well into the 1970's. Some of these were converted to Roller Bearings.
  A number were later fitted with vacuum brakes -  also a number were "through fitted"  not actually being fitted with vacuum brakes but only having vacuum pipe work -allowing them to run in "fitted" workings - these were TOP's coded MDV. I do not offer a vacuum version but the differences in apperance are minimal and there is no reason vacuum hoses cannot be added to each end and the wagon painted Bauxite and labled MDV. In this fashion these wagons ran into the late 1980's and longer on internal use.
In the late 1970's some were fitted for heavier running being re-bodied with a single door on each side and no end door. In this fashion they were resprung and mounted on Roller bearings. They were intended for coal traffic and were used in this manner but most were used for scrap metal traffic.

24.5 ton Mineral wagon
These wagons were used to supply Power stations with coal - although some were used by larger industrial Operators. They were built by a number of suppliers and i have chosen those fitted with welded doors. Later some were used for Stone and Aggregate traffic.
Some were also fitted with Bottom Doors - these being identified by a Yellow Triangle - which this model can also represent. Some examples had side their doors welded up an used for end discharge only. These being painted in Bauxite with orange/ red panels where the doors were fitted. NCB also used these internally with the NCB logo on the sides.
All initially all ran in BR Grey and latterly in Bauxite livery. 

All of these wagons really lend themselves to weathering and "Welded repair panels ".

24.5 and 21 ton Mineral wagons - Ready to Run
All brass construction
( except the w/m axleboxes and Resin end door )

Supplied with Slaters wheels and modified axles, sprung buffers, 3 link couplings, WEP compensation unit and even a simulated coal load.  Optional Oil axleboxes or Roller bearings for early or later builds. The body supports are in pre-cut brass square section - so much neater, stronger and with no folding.

  OFFERED AT £155 each fully finished Ready to Run
+ postage  

There are four types available --

21 ton 2 Door with End Door
21 Ton 2 door with Top Flaps with End Door
24.5 ton 2 Door with Top Flaps with End Door
21 ton Single Door with No End Door

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